Shared Hosting

Our shared service delivers a powerful platform that is perfect for hosting your websites with outstanding reliability, advanced functionality and the ability to scale up seamlessly to more powerful servers as you grow.


Oasys managed Virtual Private Server Hosting is a perfect professional solution between shared hosting and dedicated servers. VPS plans can be fully customized to fit your particular hosting needs at any time as your website grows.

Dedicated Hosting

The managed dedicated server provides optimum in website performance, security, and control. With a whole server dedicated to just you files, your websites can experience the very best performance on the web, with added flexibility, advanced control and customized software.

What is Hosting

Every website available on the web has to be stored at a physical location.  All of the files, text, images and software have to be stored at a secure location that is live 24 hours every day. Oasys is a service provider that provides shared, dedicated or cloud hosting services. Hosting services in most cases are used for hosting web sites and web applications but can also be used for hosting files, images, games and similar content.

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What Makes Oasys better?

Storage & Backups

The site backup and restore system performs automatic weekly and monthly backups as an added feature to all our customers who purchase a hosting account so that you may rest assured that your data is safe and retrievable. You can download a copy of your entire site for safekeeping any time.

Our clients who decide to use the maintenance service get another level of service providing anything a website may need to stay online and up to standard. These include Antivirus, malware scans, scheduled cloud backups, Google tools and much more. We can guarantee that you site will run in the best possible conditions.

Website protection

Most websites are sometimes vulnerable to hackers even though they are running powerful content management systems. In today’s web, it isn’t enough to keep your site running on the latest release. To save yourself plenty of hassle, make sure your website is free and protected from malware and other hacks.

Our clients on the maintenance service get in-built security providing all round protection for your website. The package includes Antivirus, malware scans, anti-spam, scheduled cloud backups as well as optional premium services. Your website will remain protected in any situation.